Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show Us Your Library

Trisha at Trisha's Book Blog has challenged us to show each other our libraries. I actually had a mental debate in my head over this one. We have 3 libraries in town. Which one to show? Well, that can be narrowed down to two, the main branch and the east branch (closest to me and the one I use the most). I happen to be taking my youngest to the toddler time program this summer at the main branch so the main branch won.
This is an overview of the library. I'm upstairs near the computer lab. Upstairs houses the archives, reference material and community rooms. Downstairs is home to the general fiction, non-fiction, videos and children's section.
Looking down at the check-out desk and CD library.
My boys in the video section. The ended up with 2 DVDs (Charlie and Lola, Bob the Builder) and one VHS (Magic School Bus). I didn't get a picture of my regular section as my kids tend to hurry me through to get to the children's section faster.
Where the Wild Things Are.

My oldest reading to my youngest in the kids section - a great place to relax and play. I hope you enjoyed this mini view of my library and get a chance to show off yours :o)


Luanne said...

Drooling - what a beautiful library

Shannon said...

I've never scean a nicer library.

trishalynn0708 said...

I am sorry this is so late. You did it when I was off the computer for a few weeks for my back injury.
Thanks so much for participating.
And I must say that I am totally jealous of your library! WOW! I have never seen a more beautiful library. I would love to go there.