Monday, August 3, 2009

Daybreak by Belva Plain

So I found a Belva Plain book that I hadn't read before. It surprised me, I thought I'd read them all. I found this one on the quick reads rack at the main branch library. The quick reads rack is an honour system where you don't actually take the book out on your card, you just grab it and go with the notion to return it within a week.
Onto Daybreak. The premise of this story is that a couple finds out their son, who recently died of complications due to Cystic Fibrosis was not their son, but rather he had been switched at birth. The story does not linger with this family, but rather the other family connected with the switch. Their son is a healthy 19 year old college student. Their younger boy is afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis.
This family, the Rices, have their own worries in life. The mother, Laura is a lady through and through. Her husband is what's known as a 'good ole boy' from the southern US, complete with prejudices that have transferred over to their son Tom.
As with other Belva Plain books, I found myself getting swept away. She writes with emotion, saga style. Belva Plain is a Jewish-American author and many of her books have Jewish themes to them. This one looked at the prejudices held against Jewish people. It was very well researched, though I can't imagine researching such hatred. The atrocities that humankind has dealt one another is abominable. She handled it with grace and style.

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