Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's Child by Louise Bagshawe

"Monday's child is fair of face..." this seems like such a joke to our lead, Anna Brown. Anna has been extremely self conscious of both her height and looks since she was a child. She dresses as plainly as possible figuring it's just best not to draw attention to herself. Anna works as a 'reader' for a film company. Basically, it is her job to read through scripts and discern which have potential and which are pure rubbish. She has a terribly demanding boss and an awful boyfriend.
As we learn and begin to cheer for this girl, she is in fact quite clever about everything except herself. We want her to do well in her job (and get credit for it). We want her to pursue her dreams of true love. We want her to become more confident about her looks and not hide them away.
I had never heard of Louise Bagshawe before. This book literally jumped out at me while perusing the shelves of our local library. I'm glad it did. I felt like I was in the middle of a good chick flick. I love it when authors write scenes that I can see happening and she does this well. I enjoyed this one and will look for more by this author.

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