Monday, August 3, 2009

Looking Back by Belva Plain

Okay, so I grabbed two Belva Plain books off the quick reads rack this week. I wasn't sure if I'd read this before, but a few pages in it sounded too familiar to me and I started to think, "wait a minute, doesn't she...?" and sure enough what I thought happened later on in the story. It wasn't so fresh in my mind that I remembered every detail, or the ending either, so it was still an enjoyable read to me.
This story tells the tale of 3 college friends at graduation and the years beyond. The 3 girls come from completely different backgrounds. Amanda was a scholarship student determined to get away from her poor upbringing. Norma was raised by her father. She's a very bright young lady, but afflicted with legs that are disfigured. Cecile comes from a well-off family that can only be described as having class.
2 of the girls marry young. We see the connectedness that these women have with each other be stretched and pulled through life's trials. Ultimately this story leads up to a betrayal that will affect their friendships for good.

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