Monday, September 15, 2008

Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

I've been waiting for the phone call from the library that tells me Fearless Fourteen is ready for me. (I read too much to actually buy books, I'd be too broke if I did) imagine my surprise when I was rummaging through the 'popular fiction' bin and found a Stephanie Plum book I hadn't read yet that wasn't Fearless Fourteen. The reason I did not know about this book is it was published after Lean Mean Thirteen. But I digress. Plum Lucky is the 3rd 'between the numbers' book in the Plum series...more of a novella really, you can read it in one sitting. These books don't add much to the storyline. Morelli and Ranger are convienently out of town or undercover for the diration of these books. The main male character who appears is Diesel. He is only ever in these books. The books are holiday related (Visions of Sugar Plums was Christmas, Plum Lovin' was Valentine's and now Plum Lucky is St. Patrick's Day). Basically, this little book does what it set out to accomplish, tide me over until the next 'real' Stephanie Plum book is ready. One that features Ranger and Morelli more prominently.

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