Monday, September 15, 2008

The Guy Not Taken (stories) by Jennifer Weiner

I do enjoy a good collection of short stories...Maeve Binchy, Alice Munro, Rohinton Mistry...and now Jennifer Weiner. She does not disappoint. This is a collection of stories that she had written over several years, some previously publlished, some re-written, some new. They are presented in an arc with the first story's main character being an 18 year old home from college and the last story featuring an elderly lady. Interesting to me was finding Bruce from Good in Bed featured in one of the stories. The end notes declared that this story was origianlly written and published before Good in Bed was. It gave me a second look at a character that I didn't like, and gave me more empathy for him. I'm curious to read her new novel, certain girls which will have these characters again. I've always loved revisiting characters that I know. I feel that I've got some sort of relationship with them already. I think that's why I enjoyed the 1st 3 stories in this collection (Just Desserts, Travels With Nicki, and The Wedding Bed) as the follow the same family, sey apart by years.

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