Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Mormon's Unexpected Journey, vol. 1 by Carma Naylor

I picked this one up by chance at our local bookstore. It intrigued me as I have a friend who is a Mormon. I know that we share a belief in Christ, but that her theology is different than mine. I've never really understood what the differences are and why Joseph Smith and his writings are so important to her. Each time I've tried to investigate and find out more I come away with more questions than answers. I'm confident in my own relationship with Christ and belief that the Bible is the Word of God in full.
Carma Naylor comes from a background as a lifelong Mormon with a family history dating back to the time of Bringham Young and the first Mormons in Utah, their promised land. She writes with such respect for her background and the people of the church that she grew up in that I found it easy to take her story to heart. This is not someone who is biased against the Mormon church. This is someone's personal journey to faith in Christ. It details her own struggles in life. She writes with love and truth each step of the way.
I really enjoyed reading her book, so much so that I was disappointed when I came to the end and found a family cliffhanger. Unfortunately, I had to special order in the next volume and have to wait until it is in to find out what happens in the next steps of her life.
I really do enjoy autobiographical works and am glad that she decided to put her story on paper to share with the rest of us.

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