Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekly Geeks - Go

I've really pondered this week's Weekly Geeks Challenge and wondered if it was something I could do. I would want to do it well and not half-heartedly. Have a read through, then I'll give you my take on it:




Just kidding. Here's your assignment:

1. Go to Creativity Tools' random word generator.
2. Get yourself a random word. Write it down. Then click "new word" to get yourself two more random words, and write them down, too. You should have three words written down.
3. Now find the random sentence generator and get yourself a sentence, write it down underneath the three words. If you don't like that sentence it's okay to click "new sentence" until you get one you like.
4. Use the Random Phrase Generator to generate a phrase. Write it down. You may not need this, but keep it handy, just in case. Again, it's okay to go through a couple of phrases before settling on one that works for you.
5. Now, using the three words from Step 2 and the sentence from Step 3, write one of the following, (but don't tell us which!):

(a) A book review (if you have an obscure book that many of us won't recognize by the title, this would be a great time to do it--or you could omit or replace the title [see -d- below] just for this week)
(b) A scene from a book (you'll need to replace some of the words and a phrase with the random ones).
(c) A scene you make up completely from scratch
(d) A review of a fake book, using the Random Phrase from Step 4 as your book title

6. Send me an email at Worducopia/at/gmail/dot/com, with the subject heading Random Post, letting me know if your review or scene was from a real or fake book and what your random words, sentence, and phrase were.
7. As always, go visit other Weekly Geeks. Try to guess which Geeks have posted fake reviews or scenes, and which used actual books. No fair Googling the phrase as a hint. In the Round-up on Friday, I'll post which were real and which were fake, and you can see how you did.

I've decided to go with the option of writing out part of a book. It's up to you to decide if it's something I wrote or something I've read and re-typed. Let me know in the comments if this is a real or fake part of a book :o) only.

I rode hastily until I turned in the gates of my father's house. The redbrick manor crouched at the end of the lane, its windows small and dark, the dirt stable yard like a wound in the green. What I had once thought fine now seemed small and disappointing. My heart was sinking.
I gave the reins of my horse to our stableboy, who looked over the the mare with awe. The servants I'd brought from court openly sneered at the house. The maid lifted her skirts modeling disdain as she stepped over the threshold.
Inside, I found everything much as usual. Two maids argued as they scraped the trestle boards of the table in the hall. A boy crushed herbs for the rushes (a somewhat furry mixture), and another maid clumped across the gallery with her arms full of linen, taking care not to crush any. Dobbin, my mother's housekeeper, was lumbering down the stairs, keys clanking at her waist. The reckless stair weds.


Ali said...

You did a fine job! Before reading your email, I'm going to guess that it's part of a real book, except for the last sentence which is fake. Thanks for playing along!

CoversGirl said...

Someone else doing a scene! I think it's real bar the last sentence too, and that two of the random words are modeling and furry.

Emily said...

Wow, intriguing! These are so hard to guess. I'm with Ali on hazarding that it's for real except the last sentence. And I think that "furry" is one of the random words...maybe along with "mixture" and "keys"?

Lahni said...

I think this is real. I guess that your random words are crouched and furry. (I have no idea of the third.) I think your random sentence is The reckless stair weds.

anothercookiecrumbles said...

Ok, I reckon it's real as well, with the random sentence being "the reckless stair weds".

Other random words (guesses) : sinking, modeling, furry.

Close? Not so much?