Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel

Okay guys I promise one more Danielle Steel after this one and I'll be back onto some more serious reading again.  This one was a bit different than her usual fare.  Sure it was still typical Steel writing (lots of repetitive writing, trademark phrases and impossibly good-looking, successful people...), but this had an element of serious horror to it.  It also had me thinking that she had recently read Eat, Pray, Love and was using the popularity of that book as a jump off for this one.
This is the story of Hope.  Hope is a successful photographer who is essentially alone.  For once Steel does not reveal all of her main subject's past at the beginning of the story.  It takes a few chapters before you know (although you suspect) what tragedies are in Hope's past. 
Hope meets Finn, an author.  She is swept up in a romance with him.  But Finn has a dark side.  A controlling side.  You do start to wonder why she doesn't just leave him already. But then again, I have also known women who have lived in abusive relationships.  I've seen how they are blinded by their abusers.  I guess Hope is representative of that.  I can't say I enjoyed this story.  But it did keep me enthralled (I wanted to see if she would have a breaking point).

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