Thursday, March 24, 2011

Southern Lights by Danielle Steel

I said in my previous post that Danielle Steel writes 2 kinds of book.  The first is the breezy one, the second kind you get a sense she put a little more work and research into.  This is the second kind.  This one is set in current day New York and South Carolina.  The lead character here is a DA working a conviction of a serial killer.  When her daughter receives threatening letters she sends her off to live with her father in South Carolina, the last place in the world she wants to be. 
Reading this book, I started to wonder a bit if someone in the US South really pissed Danielle Steel off at one point.  Or, was that just the character's experience?  Either way, I liked this one.  It was interesting to read, with characters that were likable.

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