Thursday, March 24, 2011

Body Surfing by Anita Shreve

I wondered how I had missed this book.  I thought I had caught up on all of Anita Shreve's writing last year, but I was wrong.  Oddly enough like Danielle Steel, I find Shreve writes 2 kinds of books.  This one was the one I find a little boring.  You feel like you are observing but there isn't a lot going on, just undercurrents that there is more to the story that what is presented.
This story is about Sydney, hired to assist Julie, the youngest child of Mark and Anna Edwards, who at 18 is really not very bright.  Sydney is 29, a divorcee and a widow who lives from odd job to odd job.  The Edward's have Sydney live with them at their beach house for the summer.  It is the older 'children' the Jeff and Ben who have an affect of both Sydney and the family.
The most interesting part of this book to me is the house in which is takes place.  The house is its own character, this book marking its 4th appearance (previously in The Pilot's Wife, Fortune's Rocks and Sea Glass).

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Kate said...

I started to read this book once (it was in the house of an employer) but I never finished it. I always meant to pick it up again, but I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder! Not sure I'll read it anytime soon as thanks to the local Border's close out sale my TBR shelves are bending under the weight of all the books I haven't gotten to yet... *sigh* I will read a book by Shreve someday!