Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amazing Grace by Danielle Steel

It's books like this that I keep coming back to Danielle Steel.  Once in a while she writes one that I don't find to be so frivolous.  This one focuses on many characters who are faced with the tragedy of a big earthquake in San Francisco and the year that follows.
I have to say it was a bit disconcerting in timing to read this book.  I picked it up around the same time as the earthquake in Japan.  For that reason I will put a disclaimer that the effect of the destruction in this book seems a bit small in comparison to what such a large earthquake would actually face.
I also think that there were aspects to the story that could have been developed more.  I would have like to see a more natural progression in the relationship of Melanie and her mother Janet.  I also didn't find the relationship between Everett and Maggie to be completely realistic (but then again, I usually drop my sense of realism when I pick up a Steel novel).  I felt the ended wrapped up a bit too quickly.
The book overall kept my attention and was interesting to read.  I liked the characters and didn't find them to be too over the top, which I really appreciated from Steel.

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