Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kaffe Fassett's Country Garden Quilts

I know this is a different selection for me.  This past summer I purchased my first sewing machine and have been enjoying my creative side through little projects (see my crafty blog Crafty Kris here).  The more interested I have become in sewing, the more I've been reading blogs and sites created by crafters and quilters.  Inevitably, I've come to the conclusion that my next project will be my first real quilt (I did make a baby quilt using a quilting kit in the fall, but this will be one of my own creation).  I know I need to know more about quilting to make it look good.  The name Kaffe Fassett kept coming up over and over again in the fabric circles.  He is a textile artist that creates beautiful fabric.  This book features quilts inspired by his 2008 collection.  The 20 quilts are beautifully photographed in a traditional English garden, complementing each other perfectly.  This was a great book for me to pick up and read.  Each quilt has a description by the artist that designed it.  A number of the quilts were quilted twice in different fabrics.  I really liked this.  It shows how the same design can change depending on the mood of the fabrics.  I don't think I'll attempt any of these at this point, but I like knowing I could.  The patterns are well presented with templates at the back of the book and labeled accordingly to difficulty.  One day I would like to think that I could create one similar to the Economy Blue Patch Quilt (Liza Prior Lucy, designer), but not yet.

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