Sunday, January 10, 2010

So Close

Well folks its time to play book blog catch up. I haven't posted in about a month and that pretty much tells you what kind of a month I've had. Aside from the chaos that is known as the pre-Christmas season, then into Christmas. Our family has moved a couple of provinces over to a much, much larger city than I'm used to. To top it all off I'm very, very pregnant right now (due next month). I know people would be surprised that I've even found time to read, but when you love something you make time for it. In fact one of the first things I did once we got here was to find the closest library and get library cards for myself and my kids (hubby will have to go get his own). I feel much more at home when I know the library. Some people like the familiarity of Walmart, me, it's the library.
I tried, I really did try to complete the 100 book challenge for 2009 and I came close. 97/100 completed. I'm still happy with it because it was the first time I logged how many books I'd read in a year. I also stayed true to my wanting to read books that I really wanted to read, as opposed to books that I knew were easy to read for the sake of ticking another number off the list.
Now that I'm getting settled in my new home it's time to check out new reading challenges for 2010. I'll keep you updated with what I find out. Cheers and happy reading!

My 2009 Book Log:

*Edit* I just realised that I did read over 100 books this year if I counted children's fiction. I chose not to as I have 2 kids and am a teacher so I read a lot of children's books in a year. It would be fun to keep 2 lists and see how many of each I do in fact read in a year (though my kids books repeat a lot)

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