Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Books I read and didn't review

As 2009 came to an end, my life became incredibly busy and blogging had to take a backseat. I did get some great titles in, but just didn't have the time to write about them. Here are the books that rounded off my year and a mini blurb about each.

The Prince by Francine Rivers - the 3rd in the Sons of Encouragement series and my favorite so far. This tells the story of Jonathan, son of King Saul and best friend to David. I'm not big on reading battle scenes, but I did love the story of his life.

Redemption by Karen Kingsbury
Remember by Karen Kingsbury
Return by Karen Kingsbury
Rejoice by Karen Kingsbury
Reunion by Karen Kingsbury

I'll lump these 5 together as they are a series. After reading the Firstborn series by Karen Kingsbury, I realised that I was reading a second series on the same family, so I went and found the first series. I very much enjoyed these books and am glad to have found Karen Kingsbury as an author. Her books are real and touching, but also very easy to get through (just what I needed at a busy time)

Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury
Summer by Karen Kingsury

So these 2 are part of the 3rd series based on the same family that I've been reading about from Karen Kingsbury. I haven't found the last two books, but am searching so I can round things out.

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