Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ocean's Apart by Karen Kingsbury

I've been on a Karen Kingsbury kick lately. I just discovered her writing in December and am quickly moving my way through her books. I picked up Ocean's Apart last week. The premise of the story centres on Connor, a happily married airline pilot who discovers that he has a son that he never knew about. Connor had one short affair 8 years before and had never heard from the woman again. That woman has just recently died in an airplane crash and has mentioned Connor in her will. How this news impacts both Connor, his wife and family are the issues that are explored in the story.
I had a hard time reading through a bit of this story because I kept thinking, what if this was me that died and left behind my small children. I know I can get emotionally involved in stories like this. I didn't have as much empathy for Connor and his wife as I did Max, the boy who lost his mother. One thing I really enjoyed about this story was some of the imagery that was used. Kingsbury used the image of a caterpillar/butterfly as a symbol for second chances in life. It is something that has stuck with me.

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Tampa BookWorm said...

Karen Kingsbury has got to be my favorite author. When I found her ( about 2 years ago) I read every one of her books. If you haven;t already, you have to read the Redemption series...