Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Vinyl Cafe, Unplugged by Stuart McLean

Stuart Mclean is a story teller, not a novelist. My mom introduced me to his work a few years back when she sent me this book. I was enchanted. The Vinyl Cafe stories can be heard on CBC radio. They are centred on a family of 4 living in Ontario. They are humourous and enjoyable. I do have one admission to make...I've never listened to Stuart Mclean. I've never heard his CBC show and I've never seen him live. I've only read his books.
As I do with most authours I enjoy, I read through Stuart Mclean's books all at once. I haven't read any since. The nice thing about these stories, is because they are short stories, I can pick them up and leave them, as I did this week in between books. These stories are honest and touching and above all funny. They draw on the lighter side of everyday life and living...very Canadian, very reccommended.

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