Sunday, April 22, 2012

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

I really don't know what to make of Girls in White Dresses.  The cover says one thing, the story inside is completely different.  When I picked it up I thought I was going to read a book about 3 single girl friends who are going about their own independent life while other friends of theirs get married and all the parallels that change friendships.  Instead, what I got was a number of over lapping stories with so many characters that I had a difficulty keeping them all straight (I did a lot of flipping back and forth on this one which is highly unusual for me).  The story also jumped a number of months at a time.  It was a highly readable book in some ways, but in other it was confusing and slightly depressing, with no real conclusion in the end.  Not my favorite book of the year.

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