Saturday, October 17, 2009

Summer of the Midnight Sun by Tracie Peterson

I am a Christian. I am a reader. By all accounts that should mean that I like Christian fiction, should it not? Not really. True, one of my favorite authors writes Christian fiction (Francine Rivers), but I love her because she is truly a gifted writer. God gave her a gift and she is using it. I can't say the same of most Christian fiction I've read, some is good, most is mediocre. I'd rather read something well written.
Tracie Peterson is one of those Christian authors whose work I enjoy. I wouldn't consider her among my favorite authors, but I know when I pick up one of her books it will be generally enjoyable. A lot of her work has been written in trilogy format. Summer of the Midnight Sun is book 1 of 3. The story centres on a brother and sister pair who live in Alaska in 1915. They've lived in Alaska since they were kids and know the rough land well. They are accepted among the native community and run a trading outpost.
The first thing that struck me in this book were their names, Jacob and Leah Barringer. I know I'd seen those names before. I did a little investigating and sure enough they were featured in an earlier series of Peterson's when they were children (Yukon Quest Trilogy).
As also with a Peterson book, this is Christian Romance. This story sets up Leah with a man from her past that she never quite got over. Also introduced is a woman I strongly suspect will be romantically linked with Jacob in a further book.
As far as Christian romance goes, Peterson knows her audience. She writes well enough to keep your interest. (and with a cliffhanger so you'll look for the next book)

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