Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Light on Snow by Anita Shreve

I've spent a lot of this year reading through Anita Shreve's books. Some I really love and others I could go either way. Every one of them though is well written. What I like about Shreve's writing is there is an immediate sense of mood to her stories. She can engross you to feelings of happiness, mourning, and uncomfortableness with ease. This story is no exception.
Light on Snow centres on a father and daughter who find a newborn infant left out in the snow, abandoned. Finding this child and saving her life throw a spotlight on the pair who have spent the last two years trying to live in anonymity. They have their own past hurts and mournings. They have lost half of their own family to tragedy, moving from a bustling life in New York to a quiet retreat in New Hampshire. The story switches back and forth to the days following the baby's discovery and the life they once lived in New York. It explores the question of what is a family?.
Personally, this story engrossed me as I am a mother, I'm also currently pregnant. The thought of abandoning a child is so beyond my comprehension. The idea of losing a child terrifies me. Shreve handled these situations with grace. Yes, there are moments of feeling uncomfortable, but you would if you were in this place where these characters are. Very well written!

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Tracie Yule said...

I read this book as well and I loved it. Now that I am a mom, I do have a hard time when children are in danger or are hurting. Even in fictional novels, I worry that these made up kids are all right. Weird? I know.