Saturday, June 6, 2009

Debutante Divorcee by Plum Sykes

You knew this was coming right? After finishing Sykes' first novel earlier this week, I sought out her second (and unfortunately for me, only other novel currently). Debutante Divorcee is a wonderful, light satire at the view of marriage of the elite of New York's Social Scene. As much as this is light, you can see the underside of taking marriage lightly in this book. Are these people as happy as they project? What is behind all the masks of late night soirees and the latest fashion escapades? For me, who will never be part of anything like it, it's a great romp of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...and leading me to yours!
YES! I am SUCH a bookworm...but I am forever devouring books and leaving myself with nothing to read! Your blog and book recommendations are such a treasure to me...I can't wait to check out all these books! thnks, girl!