Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Family by Wendy Lee

Hua has recently immigrated to the States from China.  It was her Grandmother's dream to send her to America to have a fantastic life.  Hua falls in love with the idea of an American life and more than anything, the idea of belonging.  As you get into her story you realise that there is more to her than first assumed.  She is shy and quiet, but has an unexpected past. 
When we first meet her, she is working as a waitress in Chinatown in New York.  She meets Jane and her adopted Chinese daughter Lily in the park.  She slowly enters into a relationship with the family, eventually gaining trust to become their Nanny.  Jane wants Lily to know some of her Chinese heritage, so her friendship with Hua seems like a perfect solution.
This book was very well written and it surprised me how easy it was to get into.  I read it in a single evening sitting (something I was not expecting).  There were more twists and turns in it that kept me going to completion.  I don't know if she has published anything since (this book came out in 2008), but I would be interested in what else Lee has to offer.

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