Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

As I was purchasing Insurgent my Veronica Roth, the book store clerk asked if I had read the Dustlands books.  Nope, hadn't even heard of them.  She said that they were even better than the Divergent series.  If the next books are anything like this one, I will have to agree.
Blood Red Road again is set in a future dystopian society.  It centers on 18 year old Saba, whose father has been killed and brother kidnapped.  Saba sets out with her 9 year old sister Emmi in search of finding their brother Lugh and bringing him back.  What happens from there is so fantastic and unpredictable it's amazing.  Some of this book reminded me back to an old western, other parts were reminiscent of Ancient Rome. 
The entire book is written from Saba's point of view and dialogue.  It took me a little bit to get into her speech patterns, but once I was into the flow of it, it just worked.  A part of this book that I find fascinating is their allusions to 'the Wreckers', the people who came before them (us) and what was left behind.  I'm looking forward to picking up Rebel Heart (#2) when it comes out in October.  Very well done.  Dystopian, but not a copy of The Hunger Games, good in its own way!

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