Friday, May 13, 2011

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahearn

My 3rd novel by Ahern and I am getting the picture that you really have to suspend reality when you read one of her books.  This is the story of Elizabeth a control oriented person who is a care taker. She is the responsible one who looks after her alcoholic sister, her sister's son and her father.  She runs her own business as well.  Enter Ivan, a mysterious man who brings a little joy into her life.  This book was okay.  There were a lot of aspects to this book that would have make it more interesting to read. 


Things I would have liked to have seen in this novel
1) The actual conversation between Elizabeth and her father filling in the mysteries of the past
2) Elizabeth being able to say 'no' to her sister - to realise that being a caretaker is not a healthy way to be.
3) As the book went on, to see Elizabeth connecting more with Luke (her sister's son) - to build that relationship up

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