Thursday, September 23, 2010

Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury

I can break this post down in 3 parts.
1. Why I picked this book up: I've been reading a bit of Karen Kingsbury this year and I read that this one was made into a movie that was released this fall.
2. Why I almost stopped reading it: It seemed very 'meh' to get going. Although I enjoy her writing for a quick read, I am not enjoying the steriotypes that some of her work has. I don't think life is as black and white as that. I don't like how the 'good guys' are always wealthy (monitarily) and the 'bad guys' are poor. That's not realistic to me. It also isn't a good standard to put out there. Money does not make you happy. Not having money does not mean that you are using drugs, in jail, abused, abusive, rude, crass etc.
3. Why I soldiered on. I wanted to know where she was going with it and if it would get better. Well, it just got really unrealistically dramatic. That's about it.
Oh yeah and the storyline. Couple adopts boy as an infant. Biological father is released from prison and then finds out the child exists. Biological father wants child and judge decides in favor of that happening. Adoptive parents desperate to keep child contemplate drastic measures.

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