Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Charming Man by Marian Keyes

It was half-way through This Charming Man when I remembered why I enjoy her writing so much. I first starting reading her when I found her listed among the names of Chick Lit authours. And she does fit that category; however, I think she's more than that. She takes the story and twists it so that instead of a light and fluffy book you realise that you are dealing with quite a heavy topic (or topics as in this case). It takes you by surprise and whacks you in the face. By then you are so engrossed in the story you can't put it down.
This book is written in a multi-narrated style. There are 4 different women whose story you follow. The timeline stays constant (with a few flashbacks interspersed). The women are all connected through a relationship that they have had with Paddy de Courcy (hence the title). Some people really don't like that sort of writing style, to follow one voice and then switch to another. I like it. I find it lends more angles to the story.
I really enjoyed this book overall. I felt like it was a satisfying read and I look forward to her next book.


Jules said...

I agree with you, Keyes' often makes a nice twist in her chick-lit writing, that draws you in and makes it so you can't book the book down. She is one of my favourite authors. Have you read the Walsh Sister series?

Kristen said...

I have, I'm waiting for the next one!