Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charlie All Night by Jennifer Cursie

I knew I needed something light this weekend - a sort of reading boost if you will, something I could read quickly and enjoy. This did the trick. It's not a great book, but it'll work. It would be a good on the beach for summer sort of book. The premise is Allie (a radio producer) meets Charlie (her new DJ) and has a one night stand...or is it? That part of the story is fairly predictable. Cursie does get involved in some other topics that I wasn't expecting, but it was like she was trying to do a little too much. Either stay light and fluffy or write something serious. The only author I've read that can do both is Marian Keyes and this book didn't live up to that standard. I may pick up another of Cursie's books at a later date though, at least I know I'm getting into a predictable, quick read with her and there is a definate market for that.

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