Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

Really, what hasn't already been said/discussed about The Red Tent? It has been big in book circles and clubs for the past few years. It's very well written. This is my second time reading it. For those of you out of the literature loop. It is the story of Dinah from the Book of Genesis. Dinah has a very short and sad mention in Genesis. She is the only daughter of Jacob. (Genesis 30:21) Her story is found in Genesis 34.
What I like about Diamant's writing is that it is very discriptive. She fills your whole senses with the atmosphere. Her's is feminist writing. While much has been said/written about Jacob and his son's, Diamant focuses on the women in his life. His wives and daughter. It's fascinating reading. I do have objections to some of the story that just seems a bit unlikely (would Dinah really run into her brother Joseph in Egypt?). I also wonder if Jacob's tribe would be so focused on other gods? I don't think they would be. This would be a wonderful book for a book study (and if I didn't have small children, I'd probably be part of one myself). I can feel myself starting to discuss these ideas on here, but without response, what's the point?

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Anna & Andrew Mayo said...

I also wondered at the paganism, but (and it's been a while since I've read it) it does say in the bible that the girls ( Rachel and Leah) stole their father's household Gods when Jacob left with them. (Genesis 31:19).

I have read other books on woman earlier in the bible (one on Sara and one on Zipporah), and found they also were more Pagan. I had to take into account that Abraham the was start of Judaism and the “law” didn’t com into effect until Moses.

I try to read these books with a bible next to me for stuff I think is odd.