Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Forbidden Daughter by Shobhan Bantwal

So I bought both of Bantwal's books from Amazon and quickly delved into this one. Again, Bantwal tackles an Indian dark 'secret'. This one is the cultural preference for boy babies to be born and the sad reality of gender based abortions.
The story is a little more complicated in this book. The main character, Isha faces early widow-hood after her husband is mysteriously murdered. The circumstances behind his death remain unsolved. Isha is the mother of one daughter and is pregnant with her second. It is for this reason that she leaves her husband's family home after he is killed. Her in-laws make it very clear that they would have wanted her unborn child aborted and believe her baby to be cursed. Isha faces her struggles head on. I found less jumps and bumps in this book. I do think that as Bantwal gains more experience in novel writing, the reads will get better. She has some definate strong ideas that she wants to get out there. She has a good voice for setting, once she works out some kinks in character I believe more people will be enjoying her books. I look forward to what she has to offer in the future.

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