Sunday, January 5, 2014

What Am I Reading Now? 2014 begins!

A new year and new books.  Or at least some new book goals.  I am currently plodding along through the Game of Thrones.  I bought the first four books last Christmas (a year ago), started the first book last summer and kept picking it up and putting it down.  This Christmas break I picked it up again and have finally started to get into it.  I just find it has a LOT of characters and storylines to follow.  As soon as I get into one the point of view changes which frustrates me to no end.  But my goal is to finish and carry on the series.
The 2014 read I am really looking forward to is the third book in the Dustlands series by Moira Young.  I believe it is coming out in May.  The Dustlands books are by far my favorite of the Dystopian YA books that are so popular right now. 
My favorite author, Francine Rivers has a new book 'A Bridge to Haven' out in April that I am looking forward too.
A friend of mine has recommended the Uglies books that I will probably pick up as well.
What are you reading this new year?  What do you recommend?

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