Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day After Night by Anita Diamant

Anita Diamant doesn't write many novels. But when she does, they are very, very good. This one was no exception. It is the highly readable tale of 4 women, Jewish survivors of WWII. They have immigrated to the promised land in Palastine, only to discover a new kind of prison. They are being held at Atlit, a British prison for illegal immigrants. This is based on a real, historical story. It doesn't sound like a pleasant book to pick up (who wants to read about prisoners and the atrocities of war-time?) but it is much better than that. Trust me, this is worth reading. Fantastic!


AngelaMae said...

ooo... that looks good to me, but you know I'm always fascinated with stuff like that. Hm... I'll have to see if they will release the hold on my nook account (they don't like you to download outside of North America) so I can add that to my list!!! Thanks

Adam O said...

I have read all of Anita's other novels, and so I asked for this one last Christmas. Sadly, it sat on a shelf until July when I finally got around to it.
I loved this book... times a million. Hahaha. The characters were just so nuanced and I was so shocked and saddened each time a new piece of their pasts was revealed.
I highly recommend this one too!

Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

Just put a hold on it at the Library, thanks :)