Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jamie's Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

I don't think I've reviewed a cookbook on this blog before.  This kinda surprises me because I really love reading cookbooks.  Some people will totally get this and others will think this to be very strange.  You see I love to cook.  I also blog at my own cooking blog and visit a lot of cooking blogs too. 
I'd been hearing a lot about Jamie Oliver's new book, but really hadn't followed what he was doing.  It just continued to be that I was hearing more and more about this particular cookbook that I checked it out and bought it for myself.  I'm so glad I did.
The mission of the book is simple, get people cooking.  He writes very easy to follow recipes with step by step pictures.  I've cooked 3 of these since buying the book last week - they are delicious (head on over to my cooking blog Whatcha Eatin' to find the recipe reviews - 2 of the 3 are posted).  I completely recommend this book to beginner cooks (and forwarded it to a good friend who wants to learn to cook) as well as cooks like me who are looking to get re-energized in the kitchen.  Well done Jamie!

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