Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

At last I've read the final Twilight book. Thank you JoAnn for lending me the series, I know my coolness factor has increases significantly with my middle school students. I do like to read what my students are reading, just to keep in touch. It's the same reason I try to seek out some of their music. For those of you not in the middle school loop, the Twilight series is about a coven of vampires living in Washington State. I know, that description didn't enthrall me either. What hooks you is the way the books are written. They are rather hypnotic. The final one tied everything up so that you really aren't at loose ends with the characters and storylines. You know where everyone is headed, there's no mystery left. (I know there are anxious readers out there hoping that Midnight Sun will be published one day so they can read more, but really that's just Twilight rewritten from Edward's point of view over Bella's). I did like that Breaking Dawn kept me wondering throughout. There were elements of mystery that carried me through. Some points were predicatable, but overall a satifying conclusion.

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